Artists Let Their Hair Down
in Buffalo Courier Express Pictorial
© 1941, Reprinted from the Buffalo Courier Express, Buffalo, New York

William Ehrich, Buffalo sculptor, and Anthony Sisti, local painter, demonstrate their artistic techniques before large audiences at Albright Art Gallery. Both artists are represented in the permanent collection of the Gallery, Ehrich by Destiny, a three-figure grouping in French limestone, and Sisti by his New England Port, an oil painted at Thomaston, Maine.

Ehrich 1

Mallet and chisel in hand, Mr. Ehrich tackles a block of heavy Georgian marble. He likes this marble
because of its unusual beauty and "luminosity of color." Mr. Edwin Weiss, member of the board of
directors of Albright Art Gallery and widely known art collector, gives informative points to the
audience over an amplifying system.

Ehrich 2

LEFT: A small "working sketch" of clay is first prepared by a sculptor. Using this as a basis, the large
chunk of wood or marble can be planned and the rough hewing-off started. RIGHT: Hard marble
requires real manpower behind the steel chisel. Both artists perspired in great fashion during their

Ehrich 3

LEFT: A prized block of oak from an old Buffalo house is tackled by Ehrich. Experience gives
assurance of not cutting away too much. This is the characteristic overhead technique of
striking the chisel. RIGHT: Ehrich's strong hands select the appropriate chisel for a particular
job of oak cutting.