First priority is to visit Niagara Falls, 29 May 1929

14 Rey Street

Temporary quarters with Uncle Karl and Aunt Augusta at 14 Rey Street, June 1929.

Lud and Lela

Outing with Karl 1 September 1929. Ruth with Karl's son Lud and wife, Lela, and their
first son, Guy, in Lud's lap.

257 Lemon Street

First apartment at 257 Lemon Street, Buffalo, in 1929.

English Class

English class was a top priority, here in November 1929.


William listens to their radio, April 1930.


William reading his newspaper in the park, 1 June 1930.


In January 1931 one could still walk on the ice below Niagara Falls.

Corn on the Cob

That people could eat corn was a new idea, which soon became a cherished tradition.
Here in the kitchen of their Fox Street apartment 20 September 1931.

85 Fox Street

Hanging out with the neighbors at their second apartment at
85 Fox Street October 1931.

William 1932

Portrait of William at age 35 in 1932.

German Radio Broadcast

It was extremely unusual to hear a radio broadcast from Europe. Here in 1932
William and Ruth listen intently to a broadcast from their former home.

Buffalo Family

Buffalo family, 8 April 1934. From left: Ruth, William, Lela, Lud, Gay, Karl Jr.,
Esther, Karl Sr., Augusta. In front: Guy.

Pfingsten 1935

William and Ruth celebrate Pfingsten (Pentecost), 9 June 1935.

First Car

William beams over his first car, an Oldsmobile, June 1937.

Sculptor at Work

William begins work on a sculpture, June 1937.

Williams Parents

William's parents, Henrietta and Friedrich Ehrich, in Buffalo, 1938.

Parents at Ilsankers

William wasn't sure where to keep his larger garden figures, so he stored them at his
friends, the Ilsankers, at 43 Brinton Street. Here in June 1938 he is seen with his
parents who were on an extended visit from Königsberg.


In 1941 William and Ruth bought their first and only house at 49 Klink Road in
Rochester, NY. This is how it looked at the time of purchase.

William 1940

Portrait of William at age 43 in 1940.

Roger Age 2

Son Roger's second birthday, 18 August 1945.

Roger Age 4

Son Roger's fourth birthday, 18 August 1947.


Home garden, 1948.


Ruth with painter Alfonsas Dargis and wife Lee, 9 July 1956.

William 1959

Portrait of William at age 62 in April 1959.


Family Reunion in Germany 3 July 1960. Rear, from left: Calvin Venters, Imrgard
(from Paul), Wolfgang (from Karl), Hannelore (from Paul), Günter (from Karl), Lieselotte
(from Fritz), Klaus (from Fritz), Ilse Koslowski (Hänsel), Hänsel Koslowski (from
Charlotte), Ruth (Hans). 2nd row, from left: Dorothee Venters (from Alfred), Dietlind
(Klaus), Klaus (from Walter), Walter (from Friedrich), Fritz Koslowski, Siegfried
Middelhaufe, Kurt (from Friedrich), Paul (from August), Reinhold Grenda, Hans
(from Walter). 3rd row, from left: Horst (from Walter), Mirjam (Horst), Gertrud (Walter),
Charlotte Koslowski (from Friedrich), Friedel Middelhaufe (from Friedrich), Gretel Müller
(from Charlotte), Anna (Fritz), Lotte (Paul), Anna Grenda (from Gottfried).
In front: Klaus and Renate Müller.