Family 1906

The family of William Ehrich, Königsberg, 1911
Front, from left: Henriette (née Bader), Friedrich, Friedel, Helene, Kurt, Friedrich
Back, from left: Wilhelm, Walter, Charlotte.


Ruth Ehrich, 1908.

Ruth and Willy

Zum Andenken gewidmet von Euern Neffen und Cousin, den 1. März 1916, Willy Ehrich.
Dedicated to remembrance by your nephew and cousin, 1 March 1916, Willy Ehrich.

Ruth and Mother

Ruth and mother, Emma Herrmann, 1918.


Outing to Neukuhren, 25 May 1919. On the right, Annie Egler, William, and Ruth.

Kurische Nehrung

At the Kurische Nehrung with friends, early 1920's. William and Ruth in the center, rear.


Outing with Annie Egler, 26 June 1921.


Outing with Gustav Koller and his wife to Neukuhren, 25 June 1922.


Visit to the farm of August Ehrich in Klein Simnau, July 1923. Back, from left: William,
Ruth, August with second wife. Middle, from left: Willi, Paul, Alfred. In Front: Karl,
with dog.

Emma Herrmann

Ruth and William with Ruth's mother, Emma Herrmann, 22 February 1925.

Ruth and Willy

Ruth and William, wedding day, 1 October 1926.

Wedding Party

Ruth and William, wedding party. Back, from left: Annie Egler, Lene, Kurt,
Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Gustav Koller, Unknown, Unknown, Gertrud Kasubski,
Walter. Front, from left: Ehrich parents, Unknown, Ruth, Willy, Ruth's foster parents

Beydritter Weg

Home of William and Ruth Ehrich in 1927, Beydritter Weg #11, next to William's
parents at #9 (destroyed). Adjacent building #15 to the right survives.

Outing with Karl

Family outing to the Baltic beaches in 1927 with Karl and Augusta (far right) from
Buffalo, NY, William's immigration sponsors.

Grand Uncles

The Ehrich great uncles, 1927. From left: Gottfried and Emilie, Ferdinand,
August and second wife, Friedrich and Henriette, Karl and Augusta.

Last Family Photo

Last family photo before US departure, 23 March 1929. Front, from left: Friedrich,
Henriette, and Helene. Back, from left: Kurt, Gertrud, Walter, Ruth, and Willy.


Last goodbyes to the Koslowski family, April 1929. Back, from left: Friedel, Ruth, Gretel.
Front, from left: Hänsel, Charlotte, Fritz.


Boarding the liner New York in Cuxhaven 5 April 1929. Ruth with hatbox at bottom step.

Liner New York

The liner, New York.