Tour Photos

by Roger Ehrich

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Thursday, 3 September 2009 (Duisburg)

3286 3288
3286-Kultur und Stadthistorisches Museum, Duisburg 3288-Lorenz Grimoni and Manfred Ehrich, Museum Stadt Königsberg

Friday, 4 September 2009 (Duisburg)

3314 3315
3314-Museum Stadt Königsberg, Duisburg 3315-Museum Stadt Königsberg, Duisburg

Tuesday, 8 September 2009 (Poland)

3364 3367
3364-First discussions 3367-Loading our bus

3371 3372
3371-Afternoon coffee break 3372-Dirk prepares to drive on

3377 3383
3377-Picking up passengers at Schönefeld Airport, Berlin 3383-Dinner at Hotel Gromada, Schneidemühl (Piła)

Wednesday, 9 September 2009 (Poland - Königsberg - Rauschen)

3384 3386
3384-Schneidemühl (Piła), from hotel window 3386-Hotel Gromada, Schneidemühl (Piła)

3413 3414
3413-CANPOL tourist complex near Schlochau (Człuchów) 3414-Some gas stations are quite elaborate

3447 3458
3447-Marienburg (Malbork) by the Nogat 3458-Schloßkirche, Marienburg (Malbork)

3477 3478
3477-Nikolaikirche on the Elbing River, Elbing (Elbląg) 3478-Old farmhouse and post office near Heiligenbeil (Mamonowo)

3482 3487
3482-First view of the Frisches Haff beyond unused farmland 3487-A lonely cow among small backyard garden plots

3489 3491
3489-Your sacrifice is immortal and will live forever, 1945 3491-Lonely houses in a field of weeds overlook the Frisches Haff

3497 3503
3497-Another old farmhouse 3503-A lonely cow feeds near the Frisches Haff

3515 3516
3515-Khrushchev houses on the Berliner Straße, Königsberg 3516-Rail lines to Pillau and Cranz viewed from the Berliner Straße

3518 3522
3518-Brandenburger Tor 3522-Brombergstraße, looking NW down Österreichische Straße

3527 3529
3527-Unterlaak, from the bridge over the Kneiphof 3529-Steindamm at Kniprodestraße

3532 3533
3532-Oh, those beers were welcome! 3533-Dinner at Hotel Universal, Rauschen (Svetlogorsk)

3538 3541
3538-Promenade near Hotel Grand Palace, Rauschen (Svetlogorsk) 3541-The wealthy have resort homes here

Thursday, 10 September 2009 (Pillau - Palmnicken - Rauschen)

3544 3547
3544-The locals next to the wealthy, Rauschen (Svetlogorsk) 3547-Hotel Universal, Rauschen (Svetlogorsk)

3548 3549
3548-Hotel Universal, Rauschen (Svetlogorsk) 3549-Julius Rupp house (grandfather of Kathe Kollwitz), Rauschen

3550 3556
3550-Our wonderful tour guide, Nadia Fetkewitsch 3551-Lighthouse, Pillau (Baltijsk)

3556 3558
3556-Peter the Great, Pillau (Baltijsk) 3558-Frische Nehrung and ship canal (left), seen from Pillau (Baltijsk)

3561 3568
3561-Irena, our tour guide in Pillau 3568-Glory to the Baltic Navy - reviewing stand, Pillau (Baltijsk)

3571 3574
3571-Garnisonskirche, Pillau (Baltijsk) 3574-Garnisonskirche, now Orthodox

3575 3577
3575-Entrance to the fortress, Pillau (Baltijsk) 3577-The Legende sing Ännchen von Tharau

3597 3601
3597-International cemetery, Deutscher Volksbund, Pillau (Baltijsk) 3601-Buried here in the dunes include unnamed from the Gustloff

3609 3613
3609-Elizabeth 1 (1709-1762) 3613-Manfred photographing Irena

3634 3635
3634-Amber factory store, Palmnicken (Jantarny) 3635-Amber factory, Palmnicken (Jantarny)

3639 3646
3639-Palmnicken (Jantarny) 3646-Dunes at Palmnicken, beneath the Anna mine, opened 1875

3649 3662
3649-Coast at Palmnicken (Jantarny) at massacre site 3662-Kathe Kollwitz tablet on the Julius Rupp house, Rauschen

Friday, 11 September 2009 (Georgenswalde - Königsberg - Rauschen)

3676 3678
3676-Grand Hotel Palace, Rauschen (Svetlogorsk) 3678-Prominade, Rauschen (Svetlogorsk)

3681 3683
3681-Elevator, Rauschen (Svetlogorsk) 3683-Beach, Rauschen (Svetlogorsk)

3686 3688
3686-Train station, Rauschen (Svetlogorsk) 3688-Neglected park, Rauschen (Svetlogorsk)

3689 3690
3689-New building, Rauschen (Svetlogorsk) 3690-Sculpture in Rauschen, near Georgenswalde

3691 3692
3691-Lenin and Stalin, Brachert Museum, Georgenswalde (Otradnoje) 3692-Garden, Brachert Museum, Georgenswalde (Otradnoje)

3693 3695
3693-Sculptures, Brachert Museum, Georgenswalde (Otradnoje) 3695-Brachert Museum, Georgenswalde (Otradnoje)

3697 3704
3697-Sculptures, Brachert Museum, Georgenswalde (Otradnoje) 3704-Bohlwerksgasse, Königsberg, next to Hundegatt

3707 3709
3707-Stock Exchange behind the bridge over the Pregel and Kneiphof 3709-Ships in front of World Ocean Museum

3714 3736
3714-Packhaus (warehouse), now an exhibition hall of the Museum 3736-World Ocean Museum staff: Anton Shepelev, Olga Klimenko,
Elena Ryabkova, Elizabeth Velmyakina with Manfred Ehrich

3745 3752
3745-Research ship Vityaz seen from the World Ocean Museum 3752-World Ocean Museum exhibition hall

3758 3766
3758-Empty government building on the site of the former castle, fountain directly over the former Schloßkirche

3773 3776
3773-Kreuz Apotheke and old apartments, Königstraße 73-75 3776-Site of Kunst- und Gewerkschule (center, rear), Königstraße 57

3782 3786
3782-Schloßteich 3786-Memorial to the French pilots in the East Prussian operation

3792 3793
3792-Kant (Rauch, 1857) 3793-Kant University (Albertina)

3794 3802
3794-Lasch bunker near the Kant University 3802-Steindamm at Kniprodestraße

3805 3806
3805-Steindamm 3806-In 1956 the Kaliningrad region officially became part of the USSR

3810 3813
3810-Nordbahnhof 3813-Cathedral of Christ the Saviour (at site of the Ostmesse)

Saturday, 12 September 2009 (Kaliningrad, Day of the City)

3817 3818
3817-T-shirts, any language 3818-Concession at the celebration

3820 3830
3820-Fair at the World Ocean Museum 3830-Dance school director Nina Wall, with Manfred

3854 3864
3854-Manfred and Elisabeth at the World Ocean Museum 3864-Manfred concentrates on his talk

3881 3885
3881-Manfred being interviewed 3885-At Manfred's Iceland exhibition

3897 3901
3897-Continuous entertainment in front of the Vityaz 3901-Manfred greeting the Legende

3909 3911
3909-Kant and friend greet the celebrants on this day 3911-The Legende in performance

3917 3920
3917-Nina Wall with dance troup 3920-Young rock stars

3926 3933
3926-Irena joins in the celebration 3933-Follow me!

3935 3946
3935-A folk group provides traditional music 3946-Cossack dancer

3949 3967
3949-The rubble of the Kneiphof lies beneath a park 3967-The entrance to the Königsberger Dom

3969 3970
3969-Herzog Albrecht, grandmaster of the
Teutonic Order (Reusch, 1891)
3970-Kant's tomb behind the cathedral

3972 3973
3972-Julius Rupp, theologian, grandfather of
Käthe Kollwitz (Kollwitz, 1909)
3973-Cathedral, side view

3974 3981
3974-Honigbrücke, undamaged 3981-Königsberger Dom

3986 3990
3986-Haberberger Neue Gasse, where Manfred's grandfather lived 3990-Hauptbahnhof, main train station

3992 4000
3992-Reichsplatz, in front of the Hauptbahnhof 4000-Celebrations in front of the World Ocean Museum

4007 4014
4007-Our hangout at Hotel Kaliningrad 4014-100,000 happy Kaliningraders wait for the fireworks

Sunday, 13 September 2009 (Tilsit - Insterburg - Königsberg)

4028 4029
4028-Fish for sale at a market in Taplacken (Talpaki) 4029-Bananas for 38 Rubles in Taplacken

4030 4031
4030-Fresh vegetables at the market in Taplacken 4031-More produce for sale in Taplacken

4033 4038
4033-An old manor in Taplacken 4038-A nursery near Dachsfelde, water tower with stork nest

4044 4050
4044-Another WW2 memorial near Kreuzingen (Bolschakowo) 4050-Old building in Tilsit (Sowetsk)

4058 4061
4058-Tilsit's moose (Vordermaier, 1911) 4061-Old façade in Tilsit (Sowetsk)

4066 4067
4066-Old façade in Tilsit (Sowetsk) 4067-Old façade on a trade school in Tilsit (Sowetsk)

4068 4069
4068-Old façade in Tilsit (Sowetsk) 4069-Maintenance of the old houses is problematic

4070 4072
4070-Writer Max von Schenkendorf was born here 4072-Everyone is looking at the von Schenkendorf tablet

4076 4094
4076-Queen Louise bridge to Lithuania over the Memel 4094-The Ehrich cousins, Manfred, Roger, and Klaus

4097 4098
4097-Showplace of the Trakehener horses, Georgenburg (Majowka) 4098-The group is anxious to see the horses

4100 4101
4100-Stud farm showing reconstructed office/hotel 4101-Typical horse stalls in Georgenburg (Majowka)

4117 4118
4117-Training in progress 4118-More of the reconstructed stables in Georgenburg

4121 4141
4121-Closeup of one of the horses 4141-View toward the entrance to the Königsberger Dom

4142 4143
4142-Dom organist Artjom Chatschaturow beneath the smaller organ 4143-The smaller dom organ, Königsberger Dom

4145 4154
4145-The Schuke main organ, Königsberger Dom 4154-Applause at the conclusion of the St. John Passion

Monday, 14 September 2009 (Waldau - Königsberg)

4157 4158
4157-Dohnaturm, Königsberg, 1857 (Bernsteinmuseum) 4158-Roßgärter Tor, Königsberg

4163 4168
4163-Königstor, Königsberg (sculptures by Stürmer, 1847) 4168-A shopping plaza just east of Königsberg

4170 4173
4170-Katharinenkirche, Arnau (Marjino), 1322 4173-Restoration work on the historic church interior

4182 4183
4182-The Pregel, seen from the Katharinenkirche 4183-Memorial to Theodor von Schön, whose family is buried in Arnau

4186 4187
4186-Nadia and Lena, the school director in Waldau (Nisowje) 4187-Elementary school in Waldau, Willy Skulimma's home town

4190 4200
4190-The kids have come to greet us in Waldau (Nisowje) 4200-More of Willy's kids in Waldau

4215 4228
4215-Time for a song 4228-The Neue Burgschule, 1927, Gimnasium No. 1, Königsberg

4237 4250
4237-A corridor inside the Neue Burgschule 4250-The heads by sculptor William Ehrich, destroyed in 1945

4252 4253
4252-Relief on the former Kunstakademie by Stanislaus Cauer 4253-The former Kunstakademie, now Skola 21 (Lahrs, 1909-1919)

4255 4259
4255-The beautiful main corridor of Skola 21 4259-Another Cauer relief, now by a drainage ditch near Skola 21

4260 4268
4260-Another view of the Königsberger Dom 4268-View down the Pregel toward the Kneiphof and the Honigbrücke

4270 4271
4270-Kant tablet on the Kantstraße near the Hotel Kaliningrad
at the castle west entrance (after Lahrs, 1904)
4271-Hotel Kaliningrad

Tuesday, 15 September 2009 (Cranz - Rossitten - Pillkoppn - Königsberg)

4274 4275
4274-Housing developments near Cranz (Selenogradsk) 4275-More houses going up in Cranz

4280 4284
4280-Major construction in Cranz 4284-Local houses in Sarkau (Lesnoje)

4286 4287
4286-Short promenade along the Baltic at Sarkau 4287-View of the Baltic south from Sarkau toward Cranz

4289 4301
4289-Collecting some stones at Sarkau (Lesnoje) 4301-At Rossitten (Rybatschi), more deals on amber

4306 4307
4306-Explanation of the ornithological research program at Rossitten 4307-One of the bird nets at Rossitten (Rybatschi)

4318 4320
4318-A bird about to be banded 4320-A Vodka before lunch, near Rossitten on the Kurisches Haff

4327 4329
4327-Relaxing after a fine lunch of fresh fish at Altrimo, near Rossitten 4329-The Epha dunes near Pillkoppen (Morskoje) looking south

4331 4332
4331-The pine forest on the Kurische Nehrung, near the Epha dunes 4332-View north to Pillkoppen and Nidden far in the distance

4335 4338
4335-The Baltic coast, looking north from Pillkoppen 4338-The dunes are higher than you think

4339 4361
4339-Familiar heads bob in the chilly Baltic 4361-König Ottokar Platz, Königsberg

4363 4367
4363-Former house of Walter Ehrich, Hoverbeckstraße 47 4367-Klaus Ehrich meets the residents of his father's house

4368 4369
4368-Garden of former Ehrich house 4369-Rear of restored Ehrich house

4370 4371
4370-When spoken language fails... 4371-Damaged bridge between parent's and grandparent's homes

4376 4383
4376-A Khrushchev building near where the Ehrich grandparents lived 4383-Beydritter Weg, looking at the lot where #9 once stood

4388 4392
4388-A new building at the north end of the Oberteich 4392-Sea lions on the Oberteich promenade (Thiele, 1913)

4396 4397
4396-The Wrangelturm (1853) 4397-An old school, corner of Mitteltragheim and Wrangelstraße

Wednesday, 16 September 2009 (Königsberg - Stettin)

4399 4401
4399-City Hall, Stolp (Słupsk) 4401-Lots of cars in downtown Stolp

4406 4410
4406-The shopping district, with lighted arches 4410-The Marienkirche in Stolp, 14th century

4411 4414
4411-A fountain in the shopping district 4414-Driver education in downtown Stolp

4428 4430
4428-How great to see green fields again 4430-Shopping center near the Radisson hotel, Stettin (Szczecin)

Thursday, 17 September 2009 (Stettin - Duisburg)

4435 4447
4435-The usual group at an early breakfast at the Radisson 4447-Breakfast is a big event

4450 4452
4450-The Hauptbahnhof (main train station) in Berlin 4452-The platforms at the Hauptbahnhof

4453 4455
4453-The shops at the Hauptbahnhof 4455-The busiest place in the train station

4458 4464
4458-The stainless look of the Hauptbahnhof in Berlin 4464-German customs is suspicious of cars carrying Polish cigarettes