William Ernst Ehrich Chronology

12 Jul 1897Born in Königsberg, East Prussia
1 Dec 1902Ruth Herrmann born in Königsberg, East Prussia
1913Begins studies in wood sculpture at State Art School (Staatliche Kunst- und Gewerkschule), Königsberg
3 Mar 1916Inducted into the German army
16 Sep 1916Captured in Galicia (SW Ukraine) between the Narajowka and Zlota-Lipa rivers after suffering a head wound on the left side; begins 20 months labor in a Ukrainian salt mine
24 Apr 1918Freed from Russian internment in Ukraine
24 May 1918On military leave to Königsberg until 18 Jul 1918
25 Oct 1918Fighting north of Reims until 4 Nov 1918
5 Nov 1918Retreat from Antwerp - Meuse positions until the armistice, 11 Nov 1918
18 Jan 1919Returns to Königsberg
19 Jul 1919Ends military service, work in Hannover and Düsseldorf
1920Returns to the Kunst- und Gewerkschule under full scholarship and studies under Hermann Brachert and Franz Andreas Threyne
1926Practices architectural sculpture until 1929 and carries out works under Erich Schmidt-Kestner of the Kunst- und Gewerkschule and Stanislaus Cauer of the Art Academy (Kunstakademie)
1 Oct 1926Marries Ruth Herrmann in Königsberg
6 Jan 1928US Immigration visa 6236 issued, left to expire
4 Jan 1929US Immigration visa 9292 issued to Ruth and 9293 issued to William
15 Apr 1929Arrives in NYC on liner New York, moves to Buffalo, NY, sponsored by Karl Ehrich
1933Begins teaching at Art Institute of Buffalo until 1938
6 Oct 1934Becomes US citizen, petition 22594
22 Sep 1937Begins teaching at Memorial Art Gallery, Rochester
1 May 1938Parents arrive in NYC on liner Europa for a 3-month visit
20 May 1938Becomes supervisor of the Buffalo Unit of the Federal Art Project
1 Sep 1939Begins teaching as Instructor at the University of Rochester
9 Jan 1941Ruth Ehrich becomes US citizen, petition 33601
3 Oct 1941Buys home in Rochester, NY
11 Nov 1942Lillian Fairchild Award, Memorial Art Gallery, Rochester
18 Aug 1943Son Roger is born
26 Aug 1944RAF firebombing, beginning of the destruction of Königsberg
9 Apr 1945Capitulation of Königsberg to the Russians
1950Pitt Petri Award of Merit, Albright Gallery, Buffalo
2 Mar 1951Menno Alexander Reeb First Prize for "Broodess", Albright Gallery, Buffalo
1957Appointed Assistant Professor at the University of Rochester
1959Summer grant to study bronze casting at the Art Academy (Akademie der Bildenden Künste), München, under Heinrich Kirchner
10 Aug 1960Death of heart attack in studio at Fauver Stadium, University of Rochester
22 Apr 1992Death of Ruth Ehrich in Rochester, NY